Dating A Nurse

Nurses are the lifeline of a hospital, they keep things running like a smooth machine. Their duties are stressful but out of that hardship emerges a smart, compassionate, and resourceful nurse. There are a lot of fresh young single graduate nurses out there and for someone who have no idea what to expect when getting into a relationship with a nurse this piece is for you.

Let start by going over some of the most overlooked pros of dating a nurse: 

  • The days of a nurse are sometimes very stressful and sometimes they can mentally their work home with them. Their day could include a gruesome case or a late night call shift, sometimes they are on their feet all day. ICU and OR nurses are soldiers they do it all and have seen it all, nothing grosses them out. They have seen it all and know too much
  • You will have an interesting storyteller they always have new story to shard and conversations can be gross depending on the cases they see.
  • They go into this field not only for the money but also they have the ability to nurture and care for another human being during their most vulnerable state. So they could always be the one taking care of their family at home and that caring nature will extend outside of workplace. They are willing and able to help anyone with just about anything and even offer medical advice.
  • They will be able to appreciate the special little moments with you, because more than anyone they are aware of how fragile life can be and how fleeting those moments can seem.
  • Nurses are often in charge of multiple patients at once so they are a master multitasker than most people.

Now every good things comes with it's downsides, you take the good with the bad so here are some cons you can expect when going into a relationship with a nurse:

  • Sometime they work the holidays. The hours can seem long when they work 12 hour shift and work only a few days . Even if this sound attractive It can soon wear you out. Some days they don't get to eat, go to the bathroom or drink water and are on their feet all day. Burn out is real in this profession.
  • Exhaustion of working  can set it because of the type of work they do sometimes they don't get time to eat or care for themselves
  • They extend this caring attitude to everyone in their lives, even if this is a good trait every now and then they need to take care of themselves instead of taking care of everyone else around them. A lot of nurses have relationship problems when this is not something their partner could bring to the table and understand them because a lot of nurses are usually the breadwinners of their family compared to the men and this trait backfires in their own relationships.
  • This list would be incomplete without mentioning the real stressor of their job. Some decisions they make are very crucial since a small error can lead to a big life altering situation for their patient. So their each task would be

 There are good and bad days for nurses just like every other profession, and going through those rough days help them put things in perspective, so there really is nothing that can rattle them, if you want a person who can love you and care for you then nurses are a perfect catch for you.


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