Dating Someone In Medicine

Perks of dating someone in med school

Non clingy partners- They have no time for tantrums, drama, and constant texting to ask about your daily routine or send you long boring texts. It will take someone secure and independent to be in such a relationship. If you want your partner to be with you when you go through the highlights of your day then may not be the relationship for you. Their hectic hours and schedule won't allow room for normal things people worry about. Don't have to worry about double dating, they don't have time for that.

Changes are inevitable- When your partner moves for med school, residency, internship, fellowship or any other part of their journey to the area they get placements for their career you cannot avoid or prevent the change. A lot of relationship cannot last this instability.

Expert advice- They are capable of giving you better advice, fixes, and solutions than WebMD or Dr Google in times of need. They are great story tellers and teachers for most people in their life because they get to see so much. You almost have your own personal doctor. They can have a possible list of diagnosis for you. You may learn a lot of medical terminology, drug names, and diagnosis from having conversations with them, it may almost seem like they can't talk about anything else. 

Don't expect gourmet meals- They are so used to making basic foods and living on ramen that expecting great cooking or time to carve out making proper meals is not going to happen. 

Late night work- Their routine will be all over the place, they can get calls or be on night shift or have evening clinic on top of all that they are required to pass endless exams keeping them up all evenings and late nights are a usual part of their routine life. 

Patience- They have a lot of patients and can pick up on a lot of what people are saying because they see patients and listen to them all day.  

Have seen it all- Homicide, suicide, bloody patients, terminal illness, gunshot wounds, end of life care. They are not the ones to get grossed out easily. They have probably seen an ugly ulcer or dead bodies up close before. 

Sleep- This list won't be complete without mentioning how much they value their sleep. This is not something doctors take lightly. Not many of them forgo the days they get to sleep.

Moments of dating them have it's ups and downs like any relationship but surely dating them will leave you with some unforgettable magical moments. 

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