Inside The Surgery Room. A Peek Into The OR Routine

Working in a surgery room comes with a routine. Everything is a like a well oiled machine. You start out by prepping the patient, cleaning and gown-ing up, you spin and tie the gown. 

Next comes the moment of "Time out", at this point the patient's name, consent, allergies, name of procedure is said out loud in a room where everyone is frozen verifies the information and move forward once everyone agrees. 

Next the surgeon does their magic and depending on the personality of the surgeon and the crew, which maybe put together at the last minute, or they are people who know each other for a while, it's always the surgeon that sets the tone. It can be a situation where things are super quiet among the anesthesiologist, assistant and surgeon or there is music or there is teasing and lively banter. 

When things are going smoothly, there is chatting and relaxed talk among staff. Once the tide turns, and there comes a complication there is usually perfect silence. Sometimes there needs to be new sutures and instruments brought in. And things proceed with caution.

Occasionally there are moments of terror,  when things get bloody and arteries get nicked and blood shoots leaving a pool of terror in the eyes of the people in the room. The feeling is like no other. You get other surgeons and blood bank involved. They know and are prepared for such moments.

Every surgery needs you to be at your peak both mentally and physically.