The Greatest Gift of All Time. Making Memories.

Time, is the greatest gift of all!

Grateful For Your Necklace

The most prized possessions we own are our memories-the bittersweet moments we fondly treasure to look back into and smile whenever we need one. Those cute childhood memories, the times we spent being our parents’ spoiled kids, the memories of school and college, the precious little moments of sharing talks about anything and everything with our friends, the moments of laughter, pain, achievements and a million other things.

As we move on with our life, we often remember people by the memories we hold of them. We laugh and cry and become all nostalgic reliving all those old memories when we meet our friends who we haven’t seen since ages. We realize that it wasn’t really what we gave our friends or our family or our loved ones that mattered more ,it was how much we spent time with them to create such treasured memories and that, made the real difference.

Every relationship needs time. We have a few friends who are dearer to us than life itself because we gave them our time and they gave us theirs. We fall in love because we give it time to flourish. Those memories, those beautiful moments-everything resulted from time we spent on creating them.

Everything is only a matter of time. After a while, It won’t matter how much you spent on that lavish gift you gave your loved one. What will matter is the amount of time you spent on making people feel special.

Sometimes in life, we get so busy putting everything together that we forget there are people who expect us to spend time with them but are too considerate about our busy lives. We tend to be so caught up in our own lives that we don’t realize how long it has been since we spent quality time with them. We don’t give them our time, and life passes by in wasted moments which could have been magical otherwise.

Memories are precious..

Memories mean treasured moments;

Memories mean time-that was, that will never come back yet stay in our heart and mind forever.

The thing is-time, is the greatest gift of all!

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