Why Women Wear Jewelry?

Jewelry has a way of telling a story and attaching a memory or feeling that resonates with the wearer.

For example, if you receive a ring from a partner, it reminds you of your wedding day or an anniversary without thinking deeply about it, glancing at it for just a moment will remind you of those moments.

Everyone has their own specific reasons for wearing Jewelry but here are a few main reasons why people wear Jewelry:


 To remind them of a special time, a special person, a special promise. Heirlooms and lover's tokens come to mind. Memento. Custom. Culture. Decoration. Because it makes them happy and somehow provides comfort or protection. There is meaning in Jewelry, it varies from person to person.

A Rare Piece

To become an individual we must stand out from the herd. The rarer the jewel we possess, the more unique we are. The less common a jewel the more appeal it has to humans. Indeed, for a jewel to be valuable it only needs to be perceived as rare.

As a status symbol

From the bright yellow gold chains to the rings that the kings in the medieval times wore and everything in between. Jewelry since the beginning of time has been used as a way to stand out and distinguish yourself from other people. Cleopatra wore jewelry that spoke of her wealth. Nothing makes an impression like a statement piece that differentiates you from the crowd.

A fashion statement

To make a fashion statement. With the world shopping online there is no shortage of access of to find inspiring designs and designers who bring new ideas to life. Some designs speak to your fashion style and tells a complete story. To send society a message about who one is without having to utter a single word.

As a creative outlet 

Some people paint or write or throw clay...some people knit. Some people's canvas is an engine, a computer, a garden. For some it's a chalkboard, for others it's the big screen. For some their body is the canvas and jewelry is the art you display with  different choice and combination. For some of us, ritual and meditation and preparation for facing the world is the process of selecting jewelry. Whether conscious or unconscious, this thoughtful and deliberate self-adornment becomes a form of assemblage art.

And we must not forget the simple basic reason if them all, they simply think it is beautiful. 


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