Surviving Your First Day As a Nurse

Its okay not to know everything

Nursing school does not teach you everything. You will learn something new everyday in the clinic. Don’t take on too much pressure!


Ask for help

Use those preceptors. As them for help, even if you don’t want to do it thats what they are there for. Just Ask


Your mentors

 Each preceptor will teach you something new and different. Try multiple preceptors. You might like how one functions and can work with how your mind works.


Confidence Is a Long Term Game

Confidence will build up as you work. You won’t know everything on the first day as a nurse nurse.You still won’t know much on the end of your first day of shift but you learn with time. Don’t be in a rush. .


Being a Great nurse doesn’t always mean You know it all.

Being a nurse is you are accountable for many things. But you are always capable of being a great and being new doesn’t mean you don’t understand it, All it means is that you are still learning.

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