What Is The Best Gift You Have Ever Received?

The best gifts received are ones that make the recipient feel appreciated, loved, special. So while picking the best gift, the giver needs to pay attention to cues as to what makes that person feel loved.

The best gift could be…

Gift of affection

A hug or kiss if someone needs physical affection to feel loved.

Gift of affection

Gift of time

Time is the most valuable thing you could gift to someone you cherish. By spending some quality time and fun experience with them.

Gift of Time

Gift of action

Doing something for the other person. Some people feel really, truly loved when you do something for them. For example chores, making a special dinner, building something for them. It is the act of doing it that what makes them feel loved.

Gift of action

Gift wrapped in a box

And, it could be a traditional gift. The key to this one is that it needs to have meaning behind it. And, it definitely doesn’t need to be expensive. 

The best gift that somebody has ever received is more likely to be associated with love, moments, reminder of beautiful moments of past, reliving the loving moments spent in past.

Gifts are always special, especially if given with a thought behind it.

Gift wrapped in a box


By Delicate Charms

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