Delicate Charms

Rod of Asclepius


The Staff (or Rod) of Asclepius is a symbol of ancient Greek mythology. It is formed with a winged staff in the middle with a single staff ascending it. In Greek mythology, the Staff was wielded by the Asclepius, the god of healing and medicine whose name actually translates to mean “to cut open”.
According to legend, Asclepius was cut from his mother’s womb while she burned because of infidelity to her husband, the formidable Apollo. Because of this and the previously mentioned reason, temples dedicated to healing are named after this god, called asclepieia.

Chain: Link chain

Closure: Lobster clasp

Metal:  Sterling silver and mixed alloy: 14k Gold plated; 

Chain length: 45cm+5cm


Shipping: 5 business days. Packaging time not included. Currently only shipping to United states. 

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