What Is A Good Gift To Thank A Nurse Who Took Care Of You?

Nurses work hard and deserve your attention. Of course it is their job to take care of patients in the best possible way. However if you feel that a nurse went out of the way and helped you out in the time of need then there are many ways to thank her.

A simple thank you card

is the very least you can do. Just about everyone appreciates a hand written note or card wishing them well. 

The greatest gift is a personal handwritten card to the nurse, and one to the hospital administration about how this nurse or nurses provided superior care. These are then shared with management and are usually put in the nurses employment file. When nurses are interviewed for employment or transfers, they are often asked about how they have interacted with patients and families. These letters and cards are taken very seriously, as they document excellent care and customer service. -Lauren, B R.N


Gift Voucher

If you want to give her a gift then the best way is give a gift voucher of her favorite store. It can of a food outlet or a salon or just a general gift voucher from Amazon.

Thoughtful Gift

As a nurse, I have been used, abused, disrespected, over worked, and broken-hearted. I have questioned my career choice and come close to walking away many times. And then a grateful patient gives me a hug and says thank you. It always brings me back.  - Becca, NP.

However if you really want to go out of the way and give a gift of your choice then it really makes it personal that she/he will remember it for a long time.

Heartwarming appreciation cards for nurses

What Is A Good Gift To Thank A Nurse Who Took Care Of You?

Food Gifts

This is the most common thing they receive for gifts chocolates and fruits, or an a tray of assorted sandwiches or a stack of pizza boxes that show up at meal time.

What Is A Good Gift To Thank A Nurse Who Took Care Of You? Food gifts

Written letter of appreciation

Send a hand written copy to the nurse and typed copies to the management and CEO. Everyone needs positive feedback especially nurses in this era of health care. Tell her/him what makes them special to you. Is it their kind and caring approach during a particularly challenging situation, the professional manner of interaction and respect for the dignity and specific needs? Sometimes just being there and listening made the difference. Recognize them for their personal touch and being a strong patient advocate for you and giving timely and appropriate care, remember to thank all team members including MDs.

Letter of appreciation 

What ever gift you choose just remember it is the thought that counts and will be greatly appreciated.

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