Delicate Charms

Paw Print


A purr-fect gift for the extraordinary veterinarians in your life! they encapsulate the immense love and compassion that these incredible professionals hold for our furry friends. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each earring features a delicate paw print design, symbolizing the unconditional bond between humans and animals. When a veterinarian puts on these earrings, they carry with them a constant reminder of the lives they have touched, the tears they have wiped away, and the wagging tails they have brought back to life. These earrings embody the profound connection shared between a veterinarian and their patients, encapsulating the joy, comfort, and healing they bring to our beloved pets.

Metal: 14K Gold plated; Nickel-free. 


Shipping: 5 business days. Packaging time not included. Currently only shipping to United states. 

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